Soccer Rules

Soccer kickoff dates and times displayed on BetOnBit website are an indication only and are not guaranteed to be correct. If a game does not start as scheduled, and does not start the same day (local time of the match website ) then bets on the match will be voided.

The exception being any wager on whether a team improvements at a cup competition, or increases the cup, will stand regardless of a postponed or suspended match

If the betting offer on a match includes the draw as a third option and the game ends in a draw, then bets on the draw is going to be paid, while bets on both teams will probably be dropped.

Bets will be determined by games with two halves scheduled for 45 minutes each and any time the participant adds to compensate for injuries and other stoppages. It doesn’t include periods of extra time penalty shootouts. Sometimes, tournaments, friendlies, or other games may have time frames different than just two 45 minute halves. If BetOnBit does not give information concerning this distinctive playing time before the start of the game all bets will be considered void and stakes returned. If, in a game scheduled for two halves of 45 minutes each, a referee finishes the game with a formal outcome with a time different than two minutes of 45 minutes each, bets will still stand. If a referee declares a game left for any reason, bets will be void and stakes returned.

Example: 9 May 2010: Fortuna vs Hansa: The match was suspended and resumed shortly after two for crowd disturbances. The referee decided not to include extra time to get the 2nd suspension and finished the match with an official outcome after only 87 minutes were played. In this case all bets stand because the game wasn’t abandoned. The referee ended the match with an official outcome.

17 October 2010: FC Ashdod vs Hapoel Beer Sheva: The match was abandoned by the referee during injury time at the 93rd minute because of crowd disturbances. At a later date, Hapoel Beer Sheve was awarded a technical win from the regulating Football Association. In this case, all bets were voided because the match was abandoned. It was immaterial that 90 minutes were completed or that game had been in injury time because the referee abandoned the match. In addition, for grading purposes, awarded technical results are not taken into account.

26 June 2011: River Plate vs Belgrano: The game was ended by the referee with an official outcome (1:1) at the 90th minute without adding injury time because of crowd disturbances. In cases like this, all bets stand because the match was not abandoned. The referee ended the match with an official result.

If a game is suspended before complete period is reached, rather than completed the exact same day, (local time of the game site) bets on the outcome of the match are considered void and all bets will be returned. If a match is suspended before full time is reached and not resumed the same day, (local time of this game website ) bets associated with just the first half will probably stand, just when the first half has been completed. However, in the case of a suspended match not resumed the exact same day, (local timing of this match website ) most other proposal bets not strictly associated with the first half is going to be voided. These can include, but are not limited to: corner kicks, offsides, players to be sent off, red/yellow cards, both groups to score, proper score, time of first goal, blank sheet, and specific players to score/not score. For additional clarity, a wager on both teams score will be void in a suspended match, even though both teams have already scored. Likewise, a bet on a player to score/not score will not have any activity in a frozen game, even if this participant already scored. Likewise, a wager on when the first aim will be scored will have no activity at a suspended match, irrespective of whether a goal was scored. Likewise all corner/offside bets will be void in a suspended match, even if the number has exceeded the submitted over/under. Live propositions on the group to score first, or next, will have action if there’s a goal in a suspended match.

Handicap Betting:
Soccer games may have a Single Handicap or a Dual Handicap.

Single Handicap: This bet type is similar to a bet on the spread in basketball.


-1, -125
+1, +113

If Inter wins the match by two goals or more, Inter players win and Lazio bettors lose. If the game is drawn or when Lazio wins, Lazio bettors win and Inter bettors lose. If Inter wins exactly one purpose, all bettors get a refund.

Double Handicap: This wager type divides a wager to two bets, each with exactly the exact same moneyline, but at a distinct single handicap.

IFK G??teborg
IFK Norrk??ping

-1 and -1.5, -108
+1 and +1.5, +100

A bettor who bets $100 on IFK G??teborg really has two separate bets on IFK G??teborg: $50 on IFK G??teborg -1 in -108 and $50 on IFK G??teborg -1.5 in -108.

A bettor who bets $50 on IFK Norrk??ping actually has two separate bets on IFK Norrk??ping: $25 on IFK Norrk??ping +1 at +100 and $25 on IFK Norrk??ping +1.5 in +100.

Overs/Unders: A game must reach full time for stakes on the total number of goals scored in the game to be valid.

Should there be a dispute over a proposition (examples include, but aren’t limited to: name of their first goalscorer; period of a goal) bets will be settled and paid depending on the reports of the sporting websites.

Bets on the first half of a football match comprise 45 minutes of play plus any stoppage time added by the referee at the conclusion of the first half. When the first half isn’t completed, stakes wil be void and stakes returned.

Bets on the second half of a soccer match comprise 45 minutes of play and any stoppage time added by the participant at the end of the next half. Extra periods, gold objectives, and shootouts are not contained in 2nd half gambling. Goals scored in the first half do not count toward the second half stakes.

Example: Suppose Apollon Larissa lead Sparti 1-0 at half time and the chances on the next half are Sparti -0.5. The -0.5 applies to the second half of play just. Therefore Sparti bettors win if Sparti scores more goals in the second half than Apollon Larissa scores at the second half. Apollon Larissa bettors win if the teams score an equal number of goals in the second half, or if Apollon Larissa scores more goals in the second half compared to Sparti scores in the second half.

The game must reach whole time for next half of wagers to stand.

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